Facebook Dating – A Free Dating Site to Find Canadian Singles

Facebook dating

When Facebook officially launched its unique relationship feature in Canada, men and women were more than ecstatic.

Canadians who are bored of the same old stuff in Bumble and tired of the games on Tinder can now have a new option for online dating, none other than Facebook.

Since the platform already has access to all your data, it is time to use it to your advantage and find a date.

The platform announced its intention to enter the dating space during a developer conference that quickly cause a dip in shares of competing online dating apps and companies.

With this launch of the Facebook dating platform, it hopes to steer clear of the reputation that often plagues many dating apps that just enable hookups rather than fostering serious and more meaningful relationships.

The company is not in favor of online dating and its gamification. With this dating feature, you need to scroll through the entire profile of a member before you hit Pass or Interested with no swiping required. Facebook dating is all about consideration instead of impulse.

How Does Facebook Dating Work?

Facebook Dating operates in the Facebook app with a messaging system separated from Facebook Messenger. Your age and first name will be taken from your current profile on Facebook, but you are also free to develop the rest of your Facebook Dating profile from the ground up.

Facebook Dating also borrows other features from existing dating websites and apps. Similar to Hinge, Facebook Dating users can answer the questions that the app provides to give potential partners insight into a person’s tastes and interests. It can ask daters, for example, to describe what a perfect day means to you.

Initial messages must also be related to a certain aspect of a person’s profile to prevent exchanges that start with a simple What’s up or Hey. Instead, users are urged to say something more interesting such as the favorite movie you watched seven times or the gorgeous landscape in your photo’s backdrop.

Unlike Tinder or Bumble where messaging only begins after both parties have indicated that they are interested in each other, you can already message someone on Facebook dating even before they clearly expressed their interest in you. However, this can only be done once. The other person needs to like you back before you proceed to send your second message.

Who are Your Potential Matches in Facebook Dating?

You will be presented with your potential matches according to an algorithm that considers your preferences for age, location, and gender, the groups you belong to, the events you have attended, and the interests you have liked on Facebook.

You will not be matched with your current friends on Facebook. The platform wants to ensure that it doesn’t unintentionally suggest people date their employees or related. The developers also assumed that users might have already considered dating the rest of their friends on the site.

At first, the service will show you potential matches who might share some mutual friends with you. However, you can also choose to turn off this particular feature. The company said that this was the result of their consultations with the LGBTQ+ community who suggested that some queer people might not be out yet to all their relatives and friends.

The platform also added a priority to the dating market in Canada was offering a selection of gender options such as non-binary or two-spirit, trans man, and trans woman.

How Does Facebook Dating Hope to Stand Out in the Competitive Industry of Online Dating

Facebook hopes that data regarding the groups that the users are part of and the events that they attend will give the dating platform a competitive edge that other similar apps often lack. It will help match members according to their specific interests. You can think of it as a single room for the different groups that you are part of.

You are also given the choice to unlock dating at the different events that you want to attend. It lets you see all the prospective matches who will also be there at the upcoming party or concert you plan to go to.

Facebook Dating as a Work in Progress

The Canadian launch of Facebook Dating included two features that were not part of the earlier initial launch of the product in other countries.

One of these is Second Look which lets you reconsider the matches that you have rejected in the past. The second feature is Pause Matching which allows you to continue talking with all your existing matches and at the same time, gives you a quick break from having to talk to new people.

Facebook was very confident about this dating feature and the company also used the information and feedback it acquired during the Canadian launch as a helpful resource before it was launched in other countries.

The Bottom Line

To this very day, Facebook Dating in Canada is still a work in progress as it adds more new features to make the experience better and more fun for all Canadian singles.

Out of all the many old and new dating apps that you can find on the market right now, Facebook Dating has managed to stand out for several reasons, most of them have a close connection to the social media userbase of the main site. However, it doesn’t mean that these two versions overlap with each other.

Users can find their new potential matches through a separate profile that is made to guarantee the security and privacy of anyone worried that their data will spill to the main site. It is a quite nifty solution for those who have privacy concerns but want to give online dating a try.

The focus of Facebook Dating on ensuring the privacy of users is among the most notable things about this service. It is also what gives it an edge over similar dating apps. This, together with the easy way of adding photos from the main platform, are two of the main positives of Facebook Dating.