Chemistry Canada – Let Sparks Fly When You Meet the One

chemistry offers a more guided approach as far as online dating is concerned compared to other dating platforms out there. You will be matched with the rest of the members according to compatibility with the use of the in-depth personality test made by Dr. Helen Fisher, an anthropologist with over 30 years of experience in studying relationships. The sister website of, was created to help you find deeper and longer lasting relationships.

How Much Does It Cost to Join?

  • Pay $39.99 for a 1-month membership
  • Pay $26.99 for a 3-month membership
  • Pay $20.99 for a 6-month membership

What are the Features?

  1. Create your own profile.
  2. Get full profile views.
  3. Undergo the Personality Assessment test.
  4. Check who viewed your profile.

What’s the Editor’s Verdict?

Being the sister website of, you will find to feel reassuring and familiar even though the website is still relatively new founded in 2006. The website is a good place to be for people who have already experienced positive things while using the network.

When it comes to the main attraction, this particular dating websites focuses more on getting to know every member through a personality assessment which serves as the basis for the matching algorithm of the site. has Dr. Helen Fisher as their main dating advisor and she created the assessment in the hopes of understanding your character traits and categorizing you into any of the four types namely Builder, Negotiator, Explorer, and Director. This assessment might also assign you a secondary or primary type.

As far as the actual experience on the site is concerned, the layout is easy and simple to navigate. The benefit of joining paid service is the fact that it significantly reduces the appearance of those annoying pop-ups and banner ads.

The main menu can be found on top of every page that reveals new matches, shows the winks you received and sent and even displays the stream, which is no doubt one of the site’s best features. This stream is similar to a condensed yet uncluttered view of all your matches as well as what they say online. You could even answer the questions that provided that will also be entered in the streams of your own matches.

One more benefit of is the fact that the site does a great job of highlighting the things that members share in common as well as predicting how the respective personalities are going to mesh together.

Having said this, payment is required in any actual contact among members. Same also applies to gaining access to the website’s notifications of profile views, unlimited winks, emailing system, and games. You might also want to note that the membership plans don’t cross over from even if these two websites are affiliated.

However, also lacks some features such as mobile app, video chat, chat rooms and forums. There is also no guarantee that you will find someone on the site.

Despite not being perfect, is still a dating website that will be worth your time.