How to Set Boundaries in a Sugar Daddy Relationship? Tips for Sugar Babies

Learning how to set boundaries in a sugar daddy relationship is probably the last thing that new sugar babies think about. Well, you cannot really blame them. After all, this discussion is far from being sexy and interesting, especially when compared to more exciting stuff like luxury vacations and allowance.

However, setting boundaries and making sure that you enforce them all the time is one of the most important things that sugar babies can do. This will guarantee the best sugar experience that doesn’t emotionally drain them and compromise their sense of self-worth and self-respect, two priceless things for any smart sugar baby.

Here are tips on how to gracefully and stylishly set boundaries in a sugar relationship.

Stick to Date Schedules

You should set boundaries depending on how often you meet up. Nothing is obviously permanent in this world, and sometimes, life can even get in your way. However, it is recommended to put up some kind of boundary when it comes to the schedule of your dates with your sugar daddy.

Will you have dates once a month? Will it be every weekend? Will you accompany your sugar daddy on business trips? Talking about these things right from the beginning of the relationship will prevent uncertainties later on. It will also help you set expectations for both parties to avoid misunderstandings and misconceptions.

Set Boundaries from the Get-Go

One of the best pieces of advice when setting boundaries in sugar daddy relationships is somewhat preemptive. Both parties should know even before the start of the relationship what they want and expect from it.

If your sugar daddy wants a girlfriend who can be a wife later on but you only need a sugar daddy while you are still in school, things won’t work out in the first place.

This is also the same if he is already married with no plans to leave his wife but you find yourself getting romantically attached to him. The best sugar relationships happen if you set clear and definite boundaries before things lead to serious problems.

Determine the Exclusivity

It is also a must to determine if you and your sugar daddy will exclusively date each other. Once again, failure to set things straight may lead to conflicts down the road. Some sugar daddies might not appreciate their sugar babies seeing another man other than them. If your sugar daddy feels this way, make sure you inform him of your needs and let him know that you are ready to date him exclusively if he will meet these needs.

You also need to talk to your sugar daddy and ask him if he is happy to see you and no one else or if he still wishes to date other sugar babies. Setting this particular boundary will keep things flowing smoothly because both of you know where you stand in each other’s lives.

Know Yourself

This next boundary can keep you safe from heartbreak and save you precious time. Be familiar with your personal deal breakers and follow them at all times. This one is obvious but a lot of sugar babies often overlook it, thinking that sugar daddy dating is different from regular dating.

However, sugar dating and regular dating are somewhat similar in many ways. With sugar relationships, you get to know each other, spend time together, become friends, and eventually, lovers.  

Thus, see to it that you choose a sugar daddy that doesn’t make your entire body scream in objection every time you meet him. Of course, you might find it impossible to set boundaries if you don’t find something irritating yet. Usually, people only set boundaries after a minor issue becomes serious and no longer impossible to ignore.  

However, don’t forget to tread carefully. You have to choose how you will approach your sugar daddy regarding something you consider important but is not of a big deal to him and vice versa.

Identify Your Pet Peeves

It is always wise to be upfront and honest with your sugar daddy when it comes to what you expect out of the relationship as a whole. You have to make it clear right from the start if there is something you don’t like. For example, let him know that you don’t like wasting your time. Yes, canceling dates at the last minute is fine, but inform him that you won’t put up with him if he makes it a habitual offense.  

More often than not, it is not really necessary to say things outright. However, if it does happen once, tell your sugar daddy that you won’t let it slide in the future. This is the least you can ask of a person to that you dedicate your effort and time on.

Make sure you also stay consistent and do the same for him. If you don’t want your sugar daddy to cancel at the last minute, be sure to show him the same courtesy in return.

Be Strict with Bedroom Stuff

In the end, sex is one of the aspects that require setting boundaries. It is not uncommon for some sugar babies who refuse to promise sex to their sugar daddies. Other sugar babies don’t even engage with sex with their sugar daddies at all.

Most of the time, it is a progression that happens naturally. The chemistry may even get impossible to ignore, especially after seeing each other for some time.

But if you don’t feel comfortable with sex, you don’t have to say it out loud. However, it is recommended to let your sugar know specific boundaries right from the beginning. For example, you can tell him that you don’t feel comfortable staying the night at his place or setting a date in a hotel.

When it comes to setting boundaries in a sugar daddy relationship, doing it from the get-go will make things easier to prevent confusion and conflict later on. So go ahead sugar babies and let your sugar daddies know how far you can go!